“Hello, Tax Rat here, how can I help you?”

Bean counters are boring, or so they say.

Well, maybe some of them are. Usually that’s because they’ve spent their whole working life staring at numbers. Dave Whitehead, director of The Tax Rat, is different. A quick look at his background shows why.

After a year spent teaching in a boys’ prep school in Yorkshire, he spent three years studying for his degree - a Bsc(Hons) in Electrical Engineering and Electronics at U.M.I.S.T. No offence to those who do, but he didn’t want to spend the rest of his life working with these ‘geeks’; and so began a ten-year stint as a professional charity fund-raiser.

This was followed by four years taking advantage of his more creative side; working as self-employed carpenter, electrician and plumber in London.

Then the travel bug took over and in January 2000 he arrived in New Zealand, where he has been able to indulge in his passion for motorcycling. NZ is the best country in the world for bike riders and there’s hardly a road here that he hasn’t ridden.

Looking for a new career start, his aptitude for maths came to the fore; a four-year spell as an Investigator with the Inland Revenue Department was the result. Clearly this was excellent preparation for life as The Tax Rat. Who better to help you, than someone who really knows about tax law and how the system works from the inside?

With his background, he knows about accounts and he understands the real world; what it’s like to set up and run your own business.

Why not give him a call?

He speaks your language!

Dave Whitehead

So, who is The Tax Rat?